Libations & Liberation (Allies)

Red Lotus Consulting and Kaitlyn S.C. Hatch have joined collaborative forces to create Libations & Liberation!

Libations & Liberations are brief connections where Kait and I come together for unscripted conversations. Within a span of 30 minutes (max!), we sip yummy drinks and muse over various terms, topics, notions, fears, and — of course the joys related to the work of moving ourselves out of oppression and into liberation.

The inaugural episode of Libations & Liberation is out! Join me and Kait as we sip and chat about allies in race work.

Mother. Teacher. Agitator. S. Rae Peoples is the founder and principal consultant of Red Lotus Consulting, a race equity and service boutique. Her writings and opinions have been published in the Washington Post, the East Bay Express, the Oakland Post, BlogHer, as well as Young, Fabulous and Self-Employed magazine. Currently based in Boston, S. Rae is a student affairs administrator at an art school and serves as Co-Chair of the Board of Directors for North Atlantic Books.




Mother. Teacher. Agitator.

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S. Rae Peoples

S. Rae Peoples

Mother. Teacher. Agitator.

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